Jenin impressions

A few days ago we went to Jenin to meet a friend who kindly took the time to show us round the city and the nearby town of Burqin, and to offer us lunch.

We hope to go back before long and continue the interesting conversations we had. In the meantime here are some photos I snapped on the street and in the car. Jenin left an impression of noise and colour.

Our afternoon included a brief trip to the Greek Orthodox St George’s Church in the nearby town of Burqin, usually referred to as the ‘Church of the Ten Lepers’. It is built above a Roman cistern where, according to Luke’s Gospel, the lepers were confined. Jesus heard their cries for help when he and his disciples were passing through the village en route to Jerusalem, and stopped to heal them. The church is very ancient, perhaps the third oldest in the world.

Please click the images below for larger versions. These and other images are also available on Flickr.